Terms of Use

This website (“Website”) is owned, operated and organized by PT Hore Indonesia Invespar (“BookingINA.com”), a limited company that was founded under the law of The Republic of Indonesia. We provide website and online services through the website: www.BookingINA.com, and mobile website: m.BookingINA.com. This Terms & Conditions can be changed, modify, add, remove ("Amendment") at any time and any changes that occurred since the time we stated, or at other times determined by us, we recommend you to visit our website periodically to be aware of any such changes.

All the information and content, including but not limited to software, pictures, voices, logo, video, data, text, graphic, or html code and other code in the website is forbidden to copied, modified, altered or be published in any manner without consent from us.

  1. BookingINA.com provides online booking accommodation (hotel, hostel, apartment) that allow you to search for information on the product you want, as well as booking and purchase, simultaneously conducts online and secure payment system through various facilities;
  2. Our service simply will be available online for 24 hours a day and 7 days a week, except in the case of maintenance on our website;
  3. Product supplied, provided and hosted by the third party, which held cooperation and made a bond, either directly or indirectly, with us. You understand and acknowledge that :
    • Reservations and purchase through BookingINA.com are a legal and contract binding between you and our partners. In this case, BookingINA.com act as an agent to facilitate your transactions;
    • Data and information related to a specific product that we list on the website is data and information which we receive from our partners, and publish the data and information as in good faith according to data and information we received;
    • We have no control over the data and information provided by our partners, and we do not guarantee that the data and information presented is accurate, complete, correct and free from errors
  4. You are not allowed to re-sell our products, use, copy, monitor, display, download or reproduce the content or any information, software, or any services available on our website for any commercial purpose or activity without the prior written consent from us;
  5. You can use our website and service to make the reservation. You are not allowed to make reservation for the purpose of speculation, improper or unlawful. If we discovered that the order make is not legitimate, and so we set aside the right to nullify reservation;
  6. You also ensure that the data and information you give it to us both with respect to reservations is accurate, recent and complete information. For provisions use of data and information please refer to usage policy data.
We receive and store any information you enter on our Website or give us in any other way. This includes information that can identify you, including your first and last name, telephone number, postal and email addresses, and, if you make a reservation through our Website, credit cards data will be saved by a third party which have cooperated with us, acting as payment gateway having standard technology security which has been internationally recognized. We also may request information about your hotel room preferences. You can choose not to provide information to us, but in general some information about you is required in order for you to register as a member; purchase products or services; complete a traveler profile; participate in a survey, competition or promotion; ask us a question; or initiate other transactions on our Website.

When you make a reservation for someone else through this Website, we will request personal information and travel preferences about that individual. We will collect, use and disclose that individual's personal information only for the purpose of making a reservation.

Information from Other Sources.

Calls to and from our customer service help desk may be recorded or monitored for the purpose of quality control and for staff training. Call recordings will be maintained as long as reasonably necessary and will then be deleted. Any personal information obtained from you during the call will be treated in accordance with the provisions of this Privacy Policy.

To do reservations, you have to age more than 18 years with the capacity of full legal to make the transaction (or have the authorization of the legal guardian).

For the payment of reservations through our website, your credit card will demand by us to the full price at the time reservations and confirmation reservations. Please check detail reservations thoroughly to all the time before you do reservations and payment. Hotel management needs the credit card to ensure reservations done by you. Therefore, we need valid credit card, bank transfer and convenience store for all online reservations. We do not save credit cards data users in our database. Credit cards data will be saved by a third party which have cooperated with us, acting as payment gateway having standard technology security which has been internationally recognized.

Multi-currency shown in the website is for display & estimation purpose only, transactions will be done with local (Indonesia) currency using currency exchange rate at the time of booking. All major Credit Card payment network: Visa, Master; include Indonesia Bank Transfer: Mandiri, Permata, Maybank, BRI, KEB Hana, ATM Bersama, Prima, Alto (through ATM, M-Banking, I-Banking & SMS Banking) and Convenience Store (Indomaret & Alfamart) will be accepted.

All the reservation with Credit Card, Bank Transfer and Convenience Store transactions are refundable, unless stated as Non-Refundable rate plan.

Each reservations rate plans with Non-Refundable, Non-Cancelable & Non-Changeable terms are obviously & will be treated as a Non-Refundable reservation. Any Cancellation, Early check-out, Late check-in and No-Show are allowed, however refundable will (still) NOT ACCEPTED. Each reservations rate plans with Refundable, will follow cancellation policy which set by each hotels.

Refund Terms & Conditions:
  1. Hotel refund may take 5 (five) business days; 
  2. Refund is subject to respective hotel policy. Please note that refund is subject to a Rp 30.000 fee.  Also additional hotel fee may apply;
  3. Online Refund Form should be completed by hotel guest or legal representative;
  4. Refund for purchases using Bank Transfer will only be processed if the Bank account holder is one of the hotel guests stated on the voucher, or is the one making the reservation. If Bank account is not one of those two, please provide a scanned power of Attorney Procuration signed by the hotel guest, along with a scanned ID Card;
  5. Refund for purchases using Credit Card cannot refunded in cash. Refund will be credited back to the same credit card used, with respect to the Bank’s Terms & Conditions;
  6. Amount of Refund (including 100% Refund) for multi-currency will be adjusted to the currency exchange rate at the time of booking;
  7. BookingINA.com has the right to request for any documents or additional information needed for refund approval;
  8. BookingINA.com does not guarantee that all refunds will be approved by the hotel. Not all hotel room types are refundable. See hotel cancellation policy in the confirmation letter;
  9. If there is Bank Transfer fee for the refund, that amount will be deducted from the refund amount;
  10. Refund submission will automatically cancel the reservation.
We shall not be liable for any non-performance or violation of these Terms, such as for transaction failure, restricted access to the Site, or any damage or harm to users caused by any act or condition beyond the reasonable control of either You or Us. Force Majeure Events include but are not limited to natural disaster (floods, earthquakes), epidemic, riot, a declaration of war, war, military action, terrorist action, embargo, sanctions, changes in laws or regulations, lightning, hurricanes / typhoons / cyclones, labor strikes, demonstrations, airline or hotel bankruptcy or insolvency, and so forth. We shall not be responsible for any damages or losses caused by any means to any party if we cannot process your order because of the Force Majeure Event.